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How To Obtain Efada Medical Report for Iqama in Saudi Arabia

HealthHow To Obtain Efada Medical Report for Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Upon arrival in Saudi Arabia on a work or dependent visa, obtaining an Iqama (a residency permit issued by the Ministry of Interior) is a mandatory requirement. The process can be made easier by undergoing a medical examination and obtaining an Efada medical report from an approved medical center.

This guide will take you through the entire process of scheduling appointments and gathering all the necessary documents while giving you tips on how to ace the Efada exam.

It is important to note that the EFADA report will serve as important documentation for you while you continue to live or work in Saudi Arabia. It is a mandatory requirement for a lot of processes, such as getting a driving license. But if you’re planning to hit the roads, remember to get your car FAHAS approved as well.

Efada-Approved Medical Centers

Before getting started, it’s important to pick a medical center that’s been given the go-ahead by Efada. Places like King Saud Hospital in Riyadh, Alhamra Hospital in Jeddah, and Dammam Comprehensive Screening Centre are all great options.

Here’s a list of Efada approved medical centers that can help you find the closest to your house.

How to Obtain an Efada Medical Report

  • Appointment Scheduling and visiting an Efada-Approved Medical Center:
    • Plan your visit as soon as possible after entering Saudi Arabia.
    • Choose a center closest to you from the approved list based on your location.
    • Call the medical center of your choice to schedule an appointment.
    • When you get there, submit your passport at the reception.
  • Payment and Tests:
    • Pay the fee for the test (approximately SAR 200).
    • Present a passport-size photograph with a white background.
    • The medical center will conduct a blood test, stool test, and some routine medical tests.
  • Passing the Efada Test:
    • If you pass the tests, the center will issue you your Efada medical report.

How to Efada Medical Report Result Online:

Expats can easily check their Efada medical test results online through the Ministry of Health’s website.

Follow these steps:

  • Visit the MOH website.
  • Enter your border number (you can find it on your passport) and Sponsor ID number, which is available on your Absher account.
  • Select the type as ‘Iqama Issuance.’
  • Enter the verification code accurately and click on search.

You can find out how to make an Absher account through this guide.

Efada Medical Report for Driving License

You need to get an Efada medical report if you want to get a new or renew your existing driver’s license in Saudi Arabia.


Figuring out how to get an Efada medical report for an Iqama or driver’s license in Saudi Arabia isn’t difficult at all. Just follow this guide step by step, book your appointments in advance, and make sure you have all the necessary documents.