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Tips For Booking Makkah Hotels During Hajj Season

Travel and PlacesTips For Booking Makkah Hotels During Hajj Season

In this interesting travel guide, we will embark on the sacred Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah, a deeply spiritual journey for millions of Muslims. 

This guide provides essential tips for a comfortable stay, covering everything from pilgrimage dates to informed hotel decisions.

Above all, this means a full guide specially designed to facilitate a seamless booking process in which pilgrims can focus on their spiritual significance without compromising comfort. 

So, for that reason, join us on this holy journey for a successful and enriching stay in Makkah hotels during Hajj.

The annual Hajj season in Islam sees millions converging on Makkah, impacting hotel availability and prices. 

Understanding these dynamics is crucial for informed planning, allowing pilgrims to anticipate challenges and embark on their sacred journey with preparedness. 

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Here we are going to share with you some possible tips for booking Makkah hotels during your Hajj experience:

  • Dates and Duration: The Hajj rituals consist of traveling all over Makkah and its vicinity, so during the pilgrimage, you would not be staying in your hotels
  • The influx of Pilgrims: Since this is the largest annual pilgrimage in the world, the city, flights, hotels, and markets are flooded with people, so expect crowding and people from different backgrounds
  • Impact on Hotel Prices: Obviously, with hotels in such high demand, this means that prices rack up tremendously, and availability becomes a big concern as well

To make your experience stress-free and seamless, it is better to plan ahead in terms of how long you want to stay and what kind of travel plans you’re looking into

Since Hajj happens annually, we advise:

  •  Make a decision about your willingness and budget around a year before performing the Hajj
  • At this point, you should also start researching the details of your trip, such as hotels and flights.
  • You should be booking your flight and hotels six months before the trip. This would give you more options, better availability, and even better pricing. 
  • You can also look into additional facilities and services if you have any specific preferences or requirements.

It is no secret that the annual pilgrimage is heavy on your pocket. Given the high demand and fluctuating prices this season, it is imperative to have a budget that will dictate the quality of your flight and accommodation, as well as your food and travel expenses while you’re there.

Proximity to holy sites is crucial in Hajj season hotel selection, ensuring easy access to the Haram and enhancing the spiritual experience. 

Most hotels explicitly state their distance to haram. Many of the highest-rated hotels, such as the Clock Tower or Makkah Hilton Hotel, are 200-500m from Haram, with some even giving you an inside view of the place.

A good range is anywhere between 1-2 KM. Since finding parking near Haram is difficult, do not rely on getting a hotel further away and getting a taxi since that would also have you walk the last 1-2KMs.

Look into hotels that provide point services from your hotel to haram, which is a popular service you can secure at an additional fee.

Ensuring Hajj season comfort involves meticulous hotel amenity consideration. Pilgrims should choose accommodations aligning with preferences and needs, using reviews on Google and different booking sites to make informed decisions that enhance the overall pilgrimage experience. Anjum Hotel and Movenpick are well renowned for their great services while also being close to Haram.

Movenpick hotel Makkah
Photo Courtesy: Movenpick Makkah Hajar Tower

Exploring group bookings and Hajj packages offers significant benefits. Group bookings provide discounts, and packages include accommodation, simplifying logistics, enhancing affordability, and adding convenience to the pilgrimage journey. Hotels such as Elaf Ajyad and Al Marwa Rayhan are known for their amazing deals on group bookings.

In conclusion, traveling during the Hajj season and booking Makkah hotels requires careful planning and consideration. By following the tips outlined in this guide, pilgrims can ensure a blessed, comfortable, and spiritually rich Hajj experience. As the journey progresses, each pilgrim may find peace, satisfaction, and a deeper connection with holy places that have a deeper meaning in the Islamic faith.

Q: Why are hotels so expensive in Makkah

During Hajj season, Makkah attracts 2-3 million pilgrims from all over the world. With such high demand, hotels are priced as per their proximity to Haram, making them some of the most luxurious and pricey hotels in the world.

Q: Can I book my own hotel for Hajj?

It is totally possible to plan your entire trip on your own. But if you’re a first-timer, understanding the logistics behind the Hajj experience can be tricky.