Umrah Visa Guide for UK Residents: Step-by-Step Process

Umrah Visa Guide From UK
If it is your time to travel to the Kingdom for the pilgrimage, you must go through a reliable Umrah visa guide for UK residents. 

Table of content

  1. Tourist eVisa Guide for UK Citizens 
  2. Umrah Visa Requirements for the UK Citizens
  3. Visa Application Process
  4. Conclusion 

As a UK citizen, you can perform Umrah on either one of the two visas that the government of Saudi Arabia offers.

You can either avail of the Umrah visa or the tourist eVisa if you want to travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the voluntary pilgrimage.

If it is your time to travel to the Kingdom for the pilgrimage, you must go through a reliable Umrah visa guide for UK residents. 

If you want to avoid going through the visa application process, consider booking your Umrah Packages UK with a reputable Islamic travel agency to ensure a secure and reliable journey.

They will take care of the whole process and only ask you for the necessary essential documents. Here is a comprehensive Umrah visa guide for UK residents that might be helpful for you.

Tourist eVisa Guide for UK Citizens 

Before we get to the Umrah visa guide, here are some things that you must know about the tourist eVisa offered by the government of Saudi Arabia. 

Tourist Visa for the UK Citizens

The Saudi Arabia electronic tourist visa enables people worldwide to participate in tourism-related activities or visit their loved ones. Muslims from various regions can also participate in religious activities like performing Umrah with a tourist visa, except for Hajj. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia offers separate Hajj pilgrims visas.

So, with the tourist eVisa, you can perform Umrah or visit the historical and religious sites in Makkah, Madinah, and Jeddah. You must know that non-Muslims cannot enter the holy city of Makkah. This eVisa is more convenient than the Umrah visa as it saves time and effort. Therefore, if you are a UK citizen and want to perform Umrah, you can consider getting the tourist eVisa instead of the Umrah visa. 

Tourist Visa Application Process

The tourist eVisa application process is quite convenient; you will need a few minutes to complete it. You must follow the below-mentioned steps;

Step 1

You must provide the following:

  • Your basic personal information
  • The purpose of your visit
  • Your preferred visa processing time 

Step 2

Check your personal information at least once, then pay the Saudi tourist eVisa fees. You can use a credit card or a debit card to pay it.

Step 3

Add the necessary documents mentioned in the application form before hitting the submit button. 

Umrah Visa Requirements for the UK Citizens

Most foreign pilgrims require an Umrah visa to enter Saudi Arabia and perform the pilgrimage. But the United Kingdom is one of the specified countries whose citizens can perform Umrah with a tourist visa too. Therefore, if you are a UK citizen with a valid passport can perform Umrah with the tourist eVisa that the government of Saudi Arabia issues. 

Moreover, any UK citizen applying for the Umrah visa must have travel insurance. The insurance must be able to take care of all the medical expenses in case of any health emergency during the stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Visa Application Process

You must rely on a UK-licensed travel agency to get the Hajj or Umrah visa. Your travel agent will send your visa application along with the necessary documents on your behalf to the Saudi consulate. And the Saudi consulate will then issue you the visa. 

You will have to fill out your visa application form carefully, get it stamped by your travel agents, and hand it over to them for further processing. As a UK citizen, you can obtain your visa application form through post from your nearest Saudi consulate. Here is adequate information on the Umrah visa guide for UK residents. 

Required Documents for Umrah Visa Application 

If you are applying for an Umrah visa as a UK citizen, you will need the following documents to complete your visa application process.

1- Passport

You must have a passport valid for six months beyond your departure date.

2- Passport-sized Photographs

You will also have to submit a recent passport-sized photograph of your face from the front view with a white background. 

3- Vaccination Proof

Pilgrims traveling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from all countries must have proof of vaccination against quadrivalent meningococcal meningitis. This vaccination must be at most ten days old concerning your arrival in the Kingdom. 

4- Marriage or Birth Certificate

Women can only perform Hajj or Umrah with their Mehram. So, they must provide a marriage or birth certificate to prove their relationship to the accompanied man. 

5- Round-Trip Ticket 

You must provide your round-trip ticket to the region and your confirmed reservations at the place you will be staying at.


If you have booked your Umrah packages UK, it is about time to follow a reliable visa guide for UK residents. It will help you have a clear idea about the whole visa application process and your options as a citizen of the United Kingdom. Ensure to prepare all your documents beforehand to avoid any issues throughout the visa process. 

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