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Bagatelle Riyadh: A French culinary journey

LifestyleBagatelle Riyadh: A French culinary journey

A picture pretty tiny portion of Paris in RiyadhBagatelleis a French word that can mean a trifle or a short light piece of music, especially for piano.

Paris in Riyadh

The restaurant in Riyadh is characterized by a Parisian atmosphere, with classic décor and architecture combined with stylish and elegant artworks and a lively atmosphere under the unique music of the place. 

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Signature Music

In addition, as some of you may know, Bagatelle will not be without its trademark music. The Riyadh branch will also feature well-known songs from all over the world, giving guests a lively energy while dining. 

Bagatelle Riyadh began in New York

It was created in New York by French restaurant owners Aymeric Clemente and Remi Laba in 2012. 

Bagatelle, an International Brand

It has many branches worldwide, including Miami, Ramatuelle, Saint Barth, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, London, Positano, and Courchevel. Visit: @bagatellebeach, @bagatelleworldwide.

Bagatelle, Riyadh, KSA Salient points

  • Prize- Honorable Mention in Interior Design –– Eating Space
  • Company/Firm – Bishop Design By Paul Bishop
  • Lead Designer- Paul Bishop
  • Location- Riyadh, KSA
  • Project Date- June 2022
  • Construction Company- Saudi Icon
  • Interior Designer- Bishop Design by Paul Bishop
  • Hospitality- Advanced Tastes
  • Developer- Laysen Valley

Bagatelle Riyadh, the Atmosphere and the Experience

Renowned for its fun, family atmosphere, the brand is located in only the chicest of locations around the globe, a testament to its quality and success.

Celebrating the St. Tropez rich spirit, Bagatelle Riyadh captures elements from the French Riviera to bring a cultural experience to the taste and expectations of its clientele.

Ambiance within

The main space replicates the French Riviera vibe yet maintains an elegant composure. Keeping a simple palette of color throughout allows for contrast to the design with signature pops of art, Bagatelle’s signature color, pattern, textures, and materials.

The Outdoors

Breaking away from the bustling party inside, guests can enjoy the outdoor enclosure. Sheltered by neutral pergolas, decoratively edged in the renowned Bagatelle blue hue, classic Mediterranean-style bistro chairs and tables await guests.

Inspired by lush Mediterranean flora, clusters of oversized planters flourish with; Olive, Lemon, Orange, and Lavender trees creating a contrast against wooden furnishings, refining the space and continuing the visual experience.

Bagatelle Riyadh Fits right into fast-developing Saudi Arabia

Recognizing the forward-thinking of the new and fast-developing Saudi Arabia, this venue brings something unprecedented to the KSA F&B scene.