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6 Top Activities At Durrat Al-Arous, Jeddah Beach

Lifestyle6 Top Activities At Durrat Al-Arous, Jeddah Beach

Durrat Al-Arous is a gated beachfront neighborhood near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Since the ’90s, the resort has been the top destination for families and young adults seeking sun-driven adventure holidays. 

As a strategic decision, Durrat Al-Arous transformed its image of only a Family-oriented experience into a modern, integrated holiday destination. It now targets a wider, youthful audience with its new strategy and a significant face-lift.

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Durrat Al-Arous Vacation 

Travel service providers will help you get unbeatable Durrat Al-Arous prices. Save by letting travel gurus arrange your flights and hotel bookings. 

All you do is choose your airfare, hotels, and activities. You’re spoilt for choice; you can get a package that suits you and your choice of activities. Durrat Al-Arous offers multiple room types and adventures, all a click away.

So, where is Durrat Al-Arous?

It’s 25 miles northwest of Jeddah and 520 miles southwest of Riyadh.

Where to stay in Durrat Al-Arous – Hotel Accommodation

Durrat Al-Arous has many types of accommodation on offer. These include hotels, resorts, and private villas.

Nearest Airports to Durrat Al-Arous

King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED) Jeddah is the nearest airport for Durrat Al-Arous. The terminal lies 25 miles southeast of downtown Jeddah.

Jeddah is the nearest destination, 25 miles from Durrat Al-Arous. Its Red Sea Mall and the Floating Mosque are great tourist attractions, and the Fakieh Aquarium is another must-visit destination.

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Popular Activities In Durrat Al-Arous

Durrat Al-Arus is the new name for the ancient fishing village “Dahaban.” The resort village has,

  • Schools,
  • a small hospital,
  • commercial centers,
  • shisha cafés, coffee shops,
  • hotels, villas, resorts,
  • an equestrian club, a golf club,
  • theme parks, recreation parks,
  • a yacht marina, and an aqua park.

The villas, apartments, and resorts at the tourist village offer a high level of privacy for every residential unit. 

Popular Activities On Offer Durrat Al-Arous

  • Sailing
  • Scuba diving
  • Spearfishing
  • Island Exploring
  • Night-Life at the Marina
  • Fine Dining

The Village

The “Tourist Village” may suggest a rural setting for Durrat Al-Arous; however, the resort town is fitted with its own power generation and water plants. It has round-the-clock private security, telephone, mobile networks, and satellite TV channels. 

Durrat Al Arus is a liberal and open-minded village quite removed from Saudi Arabian traditions. 

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Most houses and villas are owned privately and rented out during holidays and weekends. Weekends at the Marina are always jam-packed. The nights have music, parties, and restaurants bustling with customers.

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