Top Restaurants in Al Khobar: Culinary Delights Unveiled

Top 9 best restaurants in Dammam, Al Khobar in 2022 saudiscoop
We've listed down the top best restaurants in Al Khobar, includes, Al-Sanbok, Maharaja, Piatto, Steak house, Soul Kitchen, Primavera, Talwar

The coastal city of Al Khobar is located south of Dammam. The Eastern Province city is one of the top popular tourist places in Saudi Arabia. It offers a variety of local and international cuisines & restaurants, a perfect destination for foodies. 

The city is famous for its seafood culture and an ideal environment to enjoy meals with friends and loved ones. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Khobar.

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Khobar Traditional Village Restaurant

Khobar Traditional Village Restaurant top-10-best-restaurants-al-khobar-saudiscoop (2)

Khobar Traditional Village Restaurant serves authentic Middle Eastern and Arabic cuisine. Shawarma, kofta, grilled halloumi, hummus, and baklava are the restaurant’s most popular fare.

The comforting ambiance adds to the pleasure of sharing your meal with family and friends.

  • Address: Al Yarmuk Street, Al Khobar
  • Type: Arabic and Middle Eastern
  • Price range: SAR 60-150 for two persons
  • Telephone number: +966 9200 12321
  • Social Link: Facebook

Al-Sanbok Restaurant

Al-Sanbok Restaurant top-10-best-restaurants-al-khobar-saudiscoop (3)

The Saudi Excellence in Tourism Award winner in 2012, Al-Sanbok is a popular restaurant in Al Khobar. The Mediterranean restaurant also serves International cuisine and delicious seafood.

The signature dishes at the restaurant are Lobster Ravioli, Parrot Fish, and Gulf Fish Soup. The menu also has gluten-free and vegan options. The dessert list includes chocolate candle, burnt crème Brulee, and chocolate soufflé

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  • Address: Al Sanbok Restaurant, Post Box Number 3919, Al Khobar
  • Type: Mediterranean and seafood
  • Price range: SAR 45-180 for two persons
  • Telephone number: +966 9200 08000
  • Social Link: Instagram

Maharaja Restaurant

Maharaja Restaurant top-10-best-restaurants-al-khobar-saudiscoop (4)

The famous Indian restaurant Maharaja by Vineet is perfect for family dining. The menu is mainly Indian, with an addition of a few Asian dishes. The chic décor is classy, and the ambiance is warm and welcoming.

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The ‘Best Indian Restaurant in GCC’ award winner has Live tandoori cooking stations, besides other Indian classics, as its main attractions.

  • Address: Movenpick Hotel, Prince Turkey Street, Al Khobar
  • Type: Indian and Asian
  • Price range: SAR 75-375 for two persons
  • Telephone number: +966 13 898 4999
  • Social Link: Instagram

Piatto: The Italian Restaurant

Piatto: The Italian Restaurant top-10-best-restaurants-al-khobar-saudiscoop (5)

Khobar’s Piatto is a popular Italian restaurant offering varied cuisines of European and Italian origins. The restaurant’s elegant lighting and the plants add to the relaxing ambiance of the restaurant.

The restaurant offers a unique dining experience, allowing customers to pick the toppings for their pizza. Coffee buffs love the authentic Italian-style coffee on offer here. The restaurant also has a vegan selection on its menu.

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  • Address: Prince Turkey Road, Al Khobar
  • Type: European and Italian
  • Price range: SAR 120 to SAR 280 for two persons
  • Telephone number: +966 55 477 2166
  • Social Link: Instagram

Steak house – best casual dining Restaurant in Khobar

Steak house – best casual dining Restaurant in Khobar top-10-best-restaurants-al-khobar-saudiscoop (6)

An old family favorite, this popular steak house celebrates 20 years of operation in Saudi Arabia. This casual Al Khobar restaurant serves mouthwatering appetizers, fresh seafood, freshly cut steaks, side dishes, and tempting desserts.

The Steakhouse is at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Al Khobar Corniche. It serves a large selection of signature sauces, fresh meat, and seafood dishes.

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Additionally, the warm ambient lighting makes the dining atmosphere more enjoyable. Plus, there’s a kids’ menu.

  • Address: Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road, Madinat Al Umal, Al Khobar 34441
  • Type: Steakhouse, Seafood
  • Telephone Number: +966 3 893 8885
  • Social Link: Instagram

Soul Kitchen – The top Al Khobar Seafood Restaurant 

Soul Kitchen – The top Al Khobar Seafood Restaurant  top-10-best-restaurants-al-khobar-saudiscoop (7)

Combining excellent food with a fantastic atmosphere, Soul Kitchen is one of Khobar’s most satisfying seafood diners. It serves the freshest fish and seafood on the market alongside various meat and sushi dishes. There is no better place to eat.

In addition, Soul Kitchen is a modern Japanese restaurant overlooking the Arabian Gulf in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, known for its sushi and teppanyaki.

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With extensive experience hosting private events, Soul Kitchen can service a range of group sizes. 

  • Address: Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road, Al Khobar
  • Type: Chinese, Japanese, and Asian
  • Price range: SAR 60-150 for two persons
  • Telephone number: +966 3 331 4441
  • Social Link: Instagram

Primavera Restaurant

Primavera Restaurant top-10-best-restaurants-al-khobar-saudiscoop (8)

The Primavera Restaurant is well known for its varied Mediterranean, European, Middle Eastern, and International cuisine.

The restaurant also caters to different preferences, non-veg and vegan. Its dessert buffet features a decadent chocolate fountain. There is an a la carte menu on offer during the afternoons.

  • Address: Crowne Plaza, King Abdullah Street, Al Khobar
  • Type: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, European, and International
  • Price range: SAR 190-350 for 2 persons
  • Telephone number: +966 13 898 8840
  • Social Link: Instagram

Talwar: Pakistani/Indian Restaurant

Talwar is a trendy South Asian restaurant among tourists and locals. The fine-dining Pakistani, Indian, and Asian restaurant’s Chicken biryani and saffron jumbo prawns are its most popular offerings.

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  • Address: 14th Street Al Khobar Corniche, Al Khobar
  • Type: Asian, Pakistani, and Indian
  • Price Range: SAR 30-235 for two persons
  • Telephone number: +966 50 246 9289
  • Social Link: Instagram

Fushi: The Japanese Restaurant

Fushi; The Japanese Restaurant top-10-best-restaurants-al-khobar-saudiscoop (1)

An authentic Japanese restaurant, Fushi is among Al Khobar’s most established Asian restaurants. It offers a range of sushi combos and other delicious dishes, including seafood, maki, noodles, and steaks.

Their menu also carries a mouthwatering selection of desserts, like apple crumble, strawberry cheesecake, cookie dough, and chocolate brownies. 

The menu also has a variety of vegetarian dishes on offer.

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  • Address: Al Corniche, Al Khobar
  • Cuisine: Asian
  • Price range: SAR 50 to SAR 120 for two persons
  • Telephone number: +966 13 898 9595
  • Social Link: Instagram

Al Khobar Restaurant Highlights

  • Takeaway available at Piatto Restaurant.
  • Vegan meals are available at the Soul Kitchen restaurant, Al Sanbok, and Fushi.
  • Private dining facility available at Al Sanbok restaurant.

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