Top 11 Places To Visit Jizan With The Best Experiences 

Top 11 places to visit in Jizan & the best experiences Saudiscoop
Here is the list of places to visit and fun things to while you are in Jizan Region of Saudi Arabia with the best experiences of life.

Experience the Incredible Beauty

Jizan has incredible natural beauty is unique for its rich, diverse natural landscape, places to visit. You will find pristine beaches, secluded islands, and tall green mountains. 

Jizan lies North of Yemen along the Red Sea and is the provincial capital.


Archeologists have recovered Bronze-era artifacts near Jazan city, and the kingdoms’ ancient roots in the Nubian, Egyptian, Roman, and Persian can be traced back to this region.

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It became a part of the Muslim Empire in the 7th century CE. The Ottoman built the Dosrih and the Farasan Islands Forts, as did the Germans during World War II.


The Jizan region’s different landscapes and climates make it unique. The region has three distinct landscape zones. 

  • The Al-Sarawat mountains. These mighty mountains rise to 3000 feet above sea level. 
  • The forest district of Alhazoun has a lush green forest and a climate similar to Asir’s. 
  • And the coastal plains. Here the climate is hotter, and the humidity is high. 
  • Jizan is an agricultural province producing Coffee, barley, wheat, millet, grapes, apples, bananas, papayas, and mangoes, among its produce. 

The best time to visit places in Jizan is from November to February.

The Farasan Islands

The Island archipelago lies around 40 km from the shore of the Jizan province. As a conservation-protected area, the region is home to diverse wildlife and marine life. The people of the island are incredibly hospitable. 

You will experience unspoiled coral reefs and different species of fish here. Scuba diving and other water sports are the main activities offered here. There is a German-built fort on this island. 

Fayfa Mountains

Fayfa Mountains are an extremely remarkable destination for tourists. The Fayfa Hanging Mountain Village offers a panoramic view of the surroundings.

This region is exceptionally fertile and enjoys a milder climate. The hanging village is an excellent location for tourists to enjoy nature at its finest.

Qayyar Village 

Heaven on earth, the most beautiful place to visit in the Jizan Region is the Qayyar Village. It’s an hour’s drive from Fayfa and 2 hours from Jizan.

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You will need a 4×4 vehicle to climb the steep mountain road to Qayyaar village.

Wadi Lajab

Adventure seekers love the magical Wadi Lajab. It is a true ‘heaven in the desert’ and provides an unforgettable hiking experience. Visitors can enjoy the serene landscape and wildlife that frequents the oasis.

Hot Water Spring

Situated 60 km from Jizan, the Hot Water Springs heal skin diseases. The 14 chemicals in the 45oC water work on the skin while you relax in the water sprint.

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Heritage Village Jizan

Jizan Heritage Village is a journey to the past. See life as it was in the past in this beautifully maintained ancient village. Timings 5 pm to 11 pm

Turkish Castle

This is an Ottoman-era castle built to protect the region. The ancient building was closed to the public sometime back. 

Jizan Theme Park

Aqwat Saeeda Theme Park is a reasonably priced entertainment area for children along the Jizan beach, a must-visit place if you are traveling with kids.

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Al Qassar Heritage Village

Built by the Romans, the sandstone heritage village is known for its freshwater wells and hundreds of trees.

Al Qassar is a summer resort with orderly and very well-maintained streets. A place to visit here, is a must if you visit Jizan and the Farasan Islands.

Fish Festival

Every April, Jizan holds its annual Hareed Festival. It is a competition to catch the most Hareed, the Parrot Fish. The top 10 catches win an award.

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Visitors can also participate in the competition.

Malls in Jizan

Like the rest of Saudi Arabia, Jizan has high-standard malls selling branded ware and clothing. Kadi Mall and Raashid Mall have food courts and children’s play areas.

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