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Top 5 TikTok Influencers in KSA

LifestyleTop 5 TikTok Influencers in KSA

TikTok faced a sudden rise in popularity during the COVID-19 lockdown, with everyone looking for something new. In a few short months, the app had become a sensation on par with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Its sudden rise in popularity was predicted to be short-lived.

Despite that, TikTok managed to shape culture in a way few things have been able to do. With its brand of humor, style, books, and even home furniture, TikTok has become a force to be reckoned with. Though, if you’re someone who’s still into books, Jarir bookstore provides and excellent range of literature.

With the whole world in its grip, it’d be not very smart to assume Saudi Arabia wouldn’t follow shortly after. Not only that, but these TikTokers go beyond just the entertainment job description and inspire millions. Let’s look at the top 5 TikTokers in Saudi Arabia. 

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Mohammed Shamsi (@iimeeto) 

Mohammed Shamsi is currently the most popular TikToker in Saudi Arabia. With 14.5 million followers and 345.6 million total likes, he is a cultural force to be reckoned with.

With his hilarious videos and skits regarding Saudi Arabian culture, he quickly rose to popularity among his peers. Today, his content is just as funny, and his product promotions allow millions of people to connect to good and authentic brands. You can learn this TikTok marketing too which is quickly making strides in the business sector.

Xzit Thamer (@xzit_thamer)

Thamer, aka ‘Xzit,’’ is one of the most popular local and international TikTok stars in Saudi Arabia. With over seven million followers on tiktok alone, this star has garnered international recognition for his gaming videos.

Thamer rose to fame with his GTA San Andreas gaming videos, excellent commentary, and brilliant gameplay. Today, aside from his TikTok career, Thamer is working on inviting investors within the Kingdom to invest in e-gaming that will allow thousands- if not millions- of people to turn gameplay into a career. Today, more than ever, many gaming brands are gaining from TikTok too.

Sara Mohannad (@sa_ro01)

Sara Mohannad is a TikTok star who rose to fame with her hugely popular lip-syncing videos. Sara started an equally successful YouTube channel with over nine million followers and fulfilled her dream of becoming an actress. You can check out her Youtube chanel and also other famous videos on Youtube.

Now, her content consists of skits and beauty and lifestyle videos. Through it all, Sara has managed to amass a loyal following that she keeps well-engaged with, with frequent posts and interactive content. 

Mohammed Abbas (@abas.iiii)

Mohammed Abbas is a Saudi Arabian TikTok influencer with over 5 million followers on TikTok. He rose to fame due to his sharp and comedic skits on TikTok that struck a chord within the culture.

His online presence, however, isn’t just limited to entertainment. Mohammed Abbas is also a creative on YouTube and frequently helps with charity work, making him all the more popular among his fans. 

Amy Roko (@amyroko)

Amy Roko is a 29-year-old Saudi Arabian comedian, rapper, and social media influencer who lives by the mantra, “My life, my rules.” She started her social media journey on Vine, then shifted to Instagram in 2015, and is now a famous TikTok star. 

While revealing nothing about her private life, she continues to break stereotypes surrounding Arab women, being a cultural icon for many women. She is not only a social media sensation but also runs a successful business. Roko has worked with notable brands, such as Benefit Cosmetics and Levi’s, and is the Regional Ambassador for New Balance (a US Sportswear giant).