ConvertKit: The Best ESP For Creators

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Finding a proper email marketing tool can be a bit hard. ConvertKit is a full-featured ESP equipped with latest technologies & automation.

Finding a proper email marketing tool can be a bit hard if you’re an influencer or an online creator looking to start your email marketing campaign.

This is due to the steep learning curves, high prices, and often unnecessary features that confuse the layout rather than make the program more effective. This is where ConvertKit comes in. 

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ConvertKit: What Is It? 

ConvertKit is a full-featured ESP (Email Service Provider) fully equipped with the latest technologies, ease of use, automation. Other popular features that have led it to become one of the fastest-growing email marketing tools in the industry.

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While most programs have been built on the previous generation of technology and design trends. Weighed down by clunky tools with a steep learning curve or not built for modern-day use.

ConvertKit uses the latest technology, making it robust, simple, and reasonably priced. 

Moreover, ConvertKit is built for a more specific user base, namely online creators (think YouTubers and bloggers), so it won’t have that many e-commerce features.

The plan you pay for has tools you will utilize rather than letting them gather dust. 

Key Features 

ConvertKit has a variety of features that serve to make things easier for consumers. With quick insights, for instance, ConvertKit lets you see which advertisements are the best at converting users to your email list.

Thus, you can change and edit around quickly and exponentially more consumers onto your email list with rapid-fire analytics regarding growth.

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Above this, ConvertKit will act as an all-encompassing hub for your marketing requirements, with all content in one place. This allows you to shift, edit, and curate as your business needs evolve.

Further, the Visual Automation Builder lets you automate multiple evergreen funnels. This means you can organize your audience according to their personality.

Their interests, engagement, and other aspects of their consumption will dictate what advertisements they get—yielding the best possible returns with the range of people who engage.

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Because of this, you can send users personalized content and get them far more active with your business’ services.

On top of this, you can run your business directly from ConvertKit by selling on it or connecting it to a third-party eCommerce tool.

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With multiple options regarding pricing and ConvertKit’s excellent availability of analytics to track your business’ trends and sales. You will never regret making ConvertKit your choice solution for all business needs.


Overall, ConvertKit is an excellent tool for business marketing. Its features help you personalize, edit, and curate content according to trends, with rapid-fire analytics that keep you updated with your business happenings.

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It’s a necessity nowadays to utilize email marketing. ConvertKt will ensure that the aspect of your marketing is not left ignored but embraced and utilized for its outstanding benefits.

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We hope that with this article, the features we’ve told you about sound beneficial enough that you immediately start using ConvertKit for all your needs!

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