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Kajabi Review: Selling Online Courses Platform

TechKajabi Review: Selling Online Courses Platform

Kajabi is an “all-in-one” course platform, especially for business owners. It was introduced in 2010 and now serves over 25000-course creators.

Therefore, it is fair to say that Kajabi is one of the top software business owners use to help manage their businesses efficiently. 

Moreover, this software has features that greatly emphasize marketing tools apart from online courses.

These include email marketing and even creating your website. This article talks in detail about all you need to know about Kajabi.  

Kajabi Pricing Plan

It offers three plans:

  1. The Basic Plan
  2. The Growth Plan
  3. The Pro Plan

The prices vary among these plans, starting from $149 to $315/month. You can upgrade or downgrade your plans without any additional charges.

You can also choose whether you want a monthly or yearly plan. If you pay annually, you can save 20% off the Kajabi cost.

Kajabi offers no free plan. However, you can get a free 14-day trial for any plan of your choice. Below are the monthly and annual prices of the three pricing tiers Kajabi offers.

PlanMonthly PriceYearly Price

Kajabi provides integration through PayPal and Stripe. Also, you do not have to pay any transaction fees. However, there is a payment processing fee of 2.9% and 30 cents, which you need to pay. 

While its’ pricing range starts higher than its alternative software, its features make up for the expensive cost. 

Kajabi Basic

While users are limited to 10,000 contacts and 1000 active members, Kajabi Basic offers

The active members are those who log into your courses once a month. It also enables access to assignments. These assignments may include:

Moreover, through Basic Plan, you can send unlimited marketing emails. You can even get access to unlimited landing page builders. 

kajabi-price-plans-access-pipline-growth-saudiscoop (5)

Kajabi Growth

The most popular of all three plans is Kajabi Growth. It offers

  • 15 products
  • 15 Pipelines
  • 10 admins

Adding on, you get up to 25,000 contacts and 10,000 active members. Also, you gain access to run your affiliate program through Kajabi.

Furthermore, another advantage of this Plan is removing the Kajabi branding from your website. Users also receive access to

  • advanced automation
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Customer Success Activation Call service

Kajabi Pro

Although this is the most expensive Plan that Kajabi offers, its features make up for the high price. You can get

  • 100 products
  • 100 Pipelines
  • up to 2 million marketing emails per month

However, there is a limit on the number of contacts or active members you can have. Kajabi Pro offers 100,000 contacts and up to 20,000 active members. 

Like the Growth Plan, you can get advanced automation and chat support. You can also run your affiliate program through this Plan. 

How is Kajabi helpful?

Many of its features and tools are similar to those of LMS (Learning Management System). These may include

  • e-Commerce
  • Website creator
  • Quizzes
  • Video embeds

Below are descriptions of some of the tools present in Kajabi.

Email Marketing

Kajabi offers a built-in email service to market your products. Hence, you do not need another email provider, making your job easier. 

This email marketing service also comes with email automation. Furthermore, it includes features like email lists and marketing analytics as well. You can run two primary email campaigns through Kajabi:

  1. Email Broadcast: You can send emails to the member from the People tab through email broadcast. For example, to promote a product.
  2. Email Sequence: It allows you to send a list of emails to your members once they complete an action, for example, after completing a course.