Top 10 Ice Cream Brands In The World 

In this article we have summarized world's top leading Ice Cream Brands which have history of delivering tasty & delicious ice creams.

No one has to scream because so many renowned brands worldwide give us high-quality, taste buds tantalizing Ice cream! 

What is an ideal dessert? An all-rounder that gives you colors, a variety of flavors, and that goes with maximum toppings.

Not only just that, one that beats the heat on a sunny day and gives you chills on a cold night. Moreover, a taste that suits all age groups and taste buds. 

Having a bad day, nothing is working out? Take a break, and have a scoop. It’s a mood lifter! You nailed it today, and it’s a celebratory moment? You deserve an extra scoop for sure!

Going through a breakup phase but conscious about calories? A low-fat ice cream tub awaits to be scooped! It’s comfort food.

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What a glimpse of heaven looks like? You get home after a long day and are too lazy to eat, you open your fridge, and all you see are eggs, butter, and milk. 

You take another look around. Right in a corner freezes a tub with frost bites and water droplets. You open it, and there is some leftover ice cream of your favorite flavor from the dinner last week. That’s the sigh of relief that comes with a moment of thankfulness. 

Ice cream can be everything at any moment, at any time, and in any flavor. There are a lot of brands bringing us this versatile beauty in all shapes, colors, and sizes. 

Here’s to listing some of those top ones that stand out among many in providing us with this most famous delicacy.


This place as a startup was an independent outlet in 1922 in England. Later, it spread branches all over the globe and was acquired as a subsidiary of the Unilever group

Walls not only brought us premium quality ice creams but stayed in business with their intriguing tastes and unique blend of favors time after time. 

Without their signature music playing in the background, one cannot say walls that you all must be aware of. It explains a lot of why it is one of the leading brands winning the hearts of a greater audience.  

Ben & Jerry’s

This Unilever brand has set its benchmark in terms of popularity and flavors. Two competitive friends who started this venture made sure to make it top-notch. 

Sources of consumers’ attention are not just their taste and signature ice creams but creative names. From Chubby Hubby to Chunky Monkey, fossil fuel, Dublin mudslide, whiskey biz, etc., are some examples.

It’s like a beauty in a pint-sized tub with well-defined brains found in supermarkets easily.

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Baskin Robbins

When Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins collaborated in 1964, a global ice cream brand emerged. Burt and Irv had separate shops serving 21 and 10 flavors. Baskin earned by constantly being up to the mark and maintaining the quality as demanded. 

Their collaboration gave us a whopping 31 flavors represented in their logo design. Baskin Robbins has an edge as it is the largest company serving up to 1000 flavors worldwide, making it stand out among other brands.


In 1961, an American ice cream brand set foot and won people’s hearts with its vast array of products. The Nestle Group now acquires it. 

Haagen-Dazs not only deals in ice creams but also cakes, gelatos, and frozen yogurts. With unique serving presentations that attract the audience, the unique texture and taste buds’ enlightening flavors add more to the delight.

It is one of the most popular brands and a haven for ice cream lovers. Every year, quarts of Haagen-Daz flavors are consumed in cups and cones.

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Known for sourcing the best raw magical beans and turning them into ice cream, Breyers is one of a kind. Another Unilever brand maintains its spot in the top 10 and is known for maintaining it over time. 

Breyers sell ice creams and frozen desserts, including Gelato indulgences, Non-dairy, Breyers delights, Non-GMO ice creams, etc. It’s genuinely way beyond ice cream! 

Carte D’or

There trend many ice cream brands, but a classic as this one lasts a long time. This is another brand of the Unilever Company. This brand serving us for over 40 years, has always focused on the ingredients and standards in the best way possible.

The variety of products this brand offers includes; Carte D’Or Classic, Carte D’Or Sorbet, Carte Patisserie, and Carte D’Or Gelateria. When mouth-watering combinations and creative flavors blend, it makes one scoop of this premium brand, Carte D’Or.


In 1907, the Brenham Creamery Company was renamed Blue Bell Creameries in 1930. In existence for the oldest of times, this brand used to sell ice creams and butter when they started. 

Recently, sherbets and frozen yogurts are the new serves that mesmerize the audience after their ice creams. Safe to say, it is one of the most popular leading brands in the ice cream world today.

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Dairy Queen (DQ) 

They say old is gold and this ice cream brand is a true example of this. Their ice creams bring style and substance together with equal heaping doses. 

Known for enduring the test of time, DQ has been a star in the older generations. Not just that, it has maintained its popularity over the decades since it came into being in 1940. 

The signature soft serve ice creams with various toppings leave a lasting expression on your taste buds. It’s also a go-to place for diet-conscious audiences with its low-fat products. 

Cold Stone Creameries

You enter the store and leave with the phrase “Worth all the penny” this brand is all about that. Known for its signature 12-14% butterfat that makes its ice cream, it is very popular in the US and different parts of the world. 

Not just that, they offer more than 30+ flavors for you to try on every day and last more than a month. From cookie sandwiches to smoothies to ice creams in a cup or cone and coffee drinks, etc., their versatility is spoken for. 

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Blue Bunny

Known for being one of the largest US brands, Blue Bunny produces about 70 plus scrumptious flavors. When stylish ingredients meet flavorful treats, blue bunny serves ice cream! A brand of Wells enterprise was innovated in 1913. 

Since then, the brand has prospered and gained success worldwide. Mini Swirls, Sweet Freedom, Big Curls, Firmed yogurt, and Bunny snacks are some of their serves. 

Their specialty is bringing us treats made from original fresh milk and also suits health-conscious audiences with their low-fat variety.

In Last

The final word is; that ice cream sure is a multilayered wonder. One can never tell how much ice cream is too much ice cream? So pick your favorite brand and flavor. It’s a treat!

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