Top 10 Most Popular Anime Of All Time

We here bring you list of versatile top 10 anime shows that are for the true fans to relate to, recall & for the newbies to start following.

Are you a true anime fan who breathes and binges anime as it’s released? Are you into finding your kind of people and joining different anime groups to follow the releases and reviews?

Well, Stay with us in this article because your kind of ride just began! Buckle up.

What is anime? 

Anime is a unique style, and cartoonish recognition of animation inspired initially and produced in Japan. It is known to be one of the most popular sources of entertainment with its evolution and progress. 

The fanbase usually is kids and teenagers, which is a myth. Anime is known to have such versatile themes and live actions that even adults get attracted to it. 

Due to its distinctive attributes, artistically designed characters, dramatic visuals and effects, and plotlines, anime keeps you hooked. 

We here bring you a list of versatile anime shows. These ten anime are for the true fans to relate to and recall and for the newbies to start following.

If you’re looking to find shows to watch and don’t know where to start, these ten will serve you as appetizers in the anime world

Naruto Anime

Masashi Kishimoto illustrated and wrote a young ninja’s story, Naruto Uzumaki. As the story unfolds, his dedication and struggles to become Hokage, the strongest ninja, and gain recognition are portrayed.

From martial arts and action to fantasy comedy and adventure, various genres do justice to the screenplay and storyline.


These Manga series started from September 1999 to November 2014, giving you anime fans never-ending episodes and volumes. 

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As you follow through the series, you get attached to the character and relate to the dialogues and inspiring quotes. Not just that, the emotional ride and the character development keep you connected. 

Naruto was proud that he never gave up though he was a nobody. He also once said he would prove those wrong who told him he was a failure.

He believed smiling out of a difficult situation helps him to cope. These lines spread an empowering message that makes you believe in yourself and follow his storyline even more. 

Moreover, with their uniquely realistic fight sequences and dramatic parts, all the characters add value to this show. Hence, being a vastly popular anime for a long time. 

Attack on titan Anime

When a captivating story and interestingly well-defining narrative and epic drama meet, that’s when this kind of anime is produced.

Another Japanese manga series that started on April 7, 2013, and ever since attracted a flood of audience and stayed in demand. 

An award-winning series adaptation, this story is based on violence, drama, favorite characters, and their sacrifices for the protection of humanity.

Titans are terrifying creatures that feed on the flesh of humanity out of pleasure and are already on the verge of extinction.

Erin Yeager, a soldier with two allies, devotes their lives to saving humans from extinction at the hands of these monsters.

top-10-most-popular-anime-Attack on Titans-saudiscoop

For 100 years, they were protected behind massive walls without intrusions and huge giants hungry for prey.

They were leading a peaceful life until a Titan broke away the barrier leading a flood of hungry creatures to enter humans’ only safety net. 

Suppose that doesn’t create all the suspense and plays the dramatic beat in your head. What will? This anime dominates all the ranks and continues to make and keep fans ever since. 

Death note Anime

Do you believe in making a profound connection with the story that you imagine being the character? All the suspense and crime make you think, what would you do if you were in that place?

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Well, this crime thriller involves all of this and a lot of emotions. 

Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata give us a fascinating and compelling series that its popularity is justifiable.


Imagine being in the place of a high school student Light Yagami who gets the hang of a notebook originally owned by God of Death.

He drops it into the human world to see how they use it and get the fun out of it. Knowing about these powers, Light Yagami uses them against criminals to make the world a better safe place.

Little did she know she was leaving a trail of serial killings that would lead the police to it. 

Police on these unusually suspicious murders team up with a young detective to catch the murderer. 

For us, the story already sounds so promising and indeed a commercial success. To find out more about where the mystery ends and where the psychological thriller takes place, pick this anime and contribute more to its popularity! 

One piece Anime

Eiichiro Oda writes and illustrates these series in the best ways possible. This series has become a culturally crucial global phenomenon, and ever since its release, is making fans all over the globe. 

Do you enjoy series where the cast goes on an unexpected treasure hunt? This anime is one of those but with more adventure, challenges, and battles along the way, strong enemies, and dramatic faceoffs.


Also, there isn’t an intense vibe only, but with the fun personalities of the Luffy’s crew, there stays the balance of entertainment in various ways.

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Before execution, a pirate king tips about the existence of a hidden treasure, a One-piece, worth a fortune and fame.

Monkey D. Luffy, dreaming of becoming the King of Pirates and finding the legendary treasure on an island, sails alongside some friends at the Grand Line.

From endless hurdles to adventures after finally reaching the destination, this anime is a feast for all the diehard loyal fans.

Full-metal Alchemist Anime

Based on a dark fantasy of a fictionalized world, this story revolves around two brothers who lost their mother. The series progresses with the failed attempts of the brothers. They used alchemy to bring their mother back by sacrificing their bodies for equal value.

Moreover, with the series of events, they come to a realization of how far this battle has brought them and if there ever is a going back.


Now, in order to get their bodies back, they need Philosopher’s stone to undo the damage caused.

For being the person who has made his way into the world of anime and for the one who is finding the right series to get started, Full metal Alchemist is the choice for both of you.

Being the one on top-ranking anime charts or having a 100% score on Rotten tomatoes shows popularity is unquestionable. 

What do you get from the series? Dramatic action sequences, a well-leading story, adventure, and fantasy, all in one. 

My hero academia Anime

It has been one of the most successful anime ever since its release in 2016. My hero academia is all about its unique storyline and fantasizing visuals.

The superhero series revolves around a boy named Izuku Midoriya. In a world full of extraordinary people with superpowers and quirks, Izuku is born without them.

top-10-most-popular-anime-my hero academia-saudiscoop

He still dreams and aims to become a superhero. Not just that, he always wishes to take part in restoring and maintaining peace in the world.  

The promising solid storyline has been the talk of the town in the anime world for many years.

The maturity of the character as Izuku grows and learns powers naturally without acquiring them and the journey to becoming a hero is an outstanding one.

How quirkless his life started, and then meeting All Might gave him one hope to kick start the things for him. Moreover, Izuko also got to enroll in the country’s top hero school. 

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The dominance of this series and its fans have only increased over time. My hero academia highlights the light by the end of the tunnel and motivates you never to lose hope. Embrace and learn always!

Demon Slayer Anime

Demon Slayer wins hearts popularly for its captivating plot and intriguing visuals.

Tanjiro Kamado, a teenager who only survived, came home to the rest of the family dead while his sister turned into a demon.

top-10-most-popular-anime-Demon Slayer-saudiscoop

This opening scene creates enough drama to hook the audience. Moreover, his struggle to become a demon slayer to get his sister back and avenge his family’s death becomes one hell of a journey.

The fans stay on the edge of their seats throughout the show. From experiencing action from the very start to empathizing both with Tanjiro friends and opponent demons, this anime stands out.

Another thing that fascinates the fans the most is the visuals and animations. The stunning screenplays with top-tier animated effects, outstanding graphics, and dynamic action get widespread recognition. 

For the consistency of great, pervasive writing skills and themes, this show is a must-watch for many reasons. Get started and find out all of the others.

Steins Gate Anime

When anime, thriller, drama, comedy, and science fiction come together, a masterpiece like Steins Gate comes into being.

When some friends together make a time machine to send messages in the past and future, causing ripples in both the time zones. 

top-10-most-popular-anime-Steins Gate-saudiscoop

This anime is about an impactful journey and an emotionally riveting series with a realistically believable plot.

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Along with the 24 episodes, there will be various twists and turns. Not just that, Steins Gate is a heartbreaking anime, and you’ll be wiping your tears every time the main protagonist risks his life to save others. 

The series demands the users to watch with complete focus because, in the end, you’ll notice yourself connecting dots and making sense of scenarios.

Steins Gate makes you invested and does not take much time either. The character development and the suspense buildup with every episode increase the demands and fans of the show.

Dragonball Anime

One of the most influential and known to contribute to the popularity of animated series worldwide, Dragonball is one of the successful ones.

The saga has continued for over 35 years and still impacts a larger audience. 

Starting as a classic tale, the story follows and adds elements like comedy, fight sequences, and supernatural elements.


With the character developments, the advancement of the powers, the more intense battles, and more extraordinary fighting abilities, the series go on with a realistic approach throughout.

Adapted from the novel Journey to the West, Dragon ball’s main protagonist is Son Goku. Goku leads his life from being a little alien boy to one of the strongest, most powerful fighters.

His transformation journey with his companions reflects growing magical powers and facing uniquely strong opponents every time.

All this is for the protection of Earth and to save them from the threats to humanity. Do you find the storyline convincing enough? Well, it stayed popular for so long for a reason!

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Pokémon Anime

Pokémon is a series known for the fun element, moral lessons followed by adventure and action.

As a 90s kid, you all must remember a boy Satoshi airing on tv with his cutest little buddy Pikachu; yes, it’s that popular! Moreover, Pokémon became recognized not just as anime but also in games or cards. 


The adventure series starts with Satoshi dreaming of becoming a Pokémon trainer. Pikachu is the only Pokémon left for him in a cute yet rebellious and electric Pokémon.

They together decide to make the best team and fight! An international sensation in anime that has been appealing to the kids on considerable merits.

From their animation to the iconic graphics, cool yet intense battles, and the fact that among all the Pokémons, Pikachu is the cutest and most favorite one.

For its versatility and visual representation, this series has won a larger kids’ audience for many years, which is a considerable achievement.  

Take from the discussion, The anime mentioned above are in no particular order but have been on the top of their A-games for a long time. 

Other honorable mentions include Jujutsu Kaisen, Bleach, Fairy Tale, Monster, Myanimelist, hunter x hunter, etc.

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