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Where is Adam (AS) عليه السلام Grave Located | Uncovering the Mystery

Travel and PlacesWhere is Adam (AS) عليه السلام Grave Located | Uncovering the Mystery

Several conflicts exist about the location of Adam AS’s grave. Read about what scholars believe to be Adam AS’s final abode in this article. 

Prophet Adam was the first to set foot on this Earth around 6000 years ago in present-day Srilanka. Being the first Nabi and Rasool, his life holds immense significance in Islam. 

However, there have been several conflicting theories regarding the location of Adam AS’s grave. It is important to note that there are no clear confirmations in the Quran or the Hadith about where is the burial site of Prophet Adam. Below are two potential places discussed where people believe his grave is located. 

Mount Qubais, Makkah

According to a Muslim scholar of the 9th century, Al Tabari, Prophet Adam’s grave is on Mount Qubais. Jabal Abu Qubais is another name for this mountain, which is common in the Arab region. 

Moreover, in his book Muhammad: An Evolution of God, Omar Mahmood expresses a similar belief as Tabari’s. He writes, “This gives credence to the facts advanced by some historians that he was buried near Abu Qubais Mount in Makkah.”

Click here to discover more about Mahmood’s thoughts on the location of Prophet Adam’s grave. 

Wadi Us-Salam, Najaf, Iraq

It is a common belief amongst Shia Muslims that Prophet Adam’s grave is located in Wadi Us-Salam, Najaf, Iraq. 

Wadi us Salam is the graveyard where many Messengers are buried. Shia Muslims believe that Hazrat Adam’s grave is also present there, along with Hazrat Ali ibn Abu Talib and Prophet Noah AS’s graves. 

According to Imam Sadiq, an 8th-century Shia scholar, Prophet Noah’s grave is located behind Kufa. This claim can validate the belief that the grave of Prophet Adam AS is in Wadi us Salam, one of the largest graveyards in the world, located around 10 km from the masjid of Kufa. 

Conclusion: Where is the Grave of Adam AS?

Apart from Makkah and Iraq, some people believe that Prophet Adam’s grave is in Syria. At the same time, others believe that it is in Srilanka, the place where Adam AS first came from heaven.

While all these conflicts exist, it is crucial to understand that if the location of his grave were of any significance to us, Allah would have communicated it to us through the Quran or the Messengers. All the claims about the final resting place of Adam AS are from scholars, which might not be authentic. 

Moreover, hundreds of years after Prophet Adam’s death, the Great Flood occurred in Prophet Noah’s time. This flood could have rearranged the geographical structures of the Earth. It also might have potentially destroyed Prophet Adam’s grave and might not exist anymore. 

Regardless of these conflicts, the true location of Adam AS’s ultimate abode remains unknown to humankind. Only Allah is the One who knows its place or if it even exists in any part of the world today. 

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