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Jeddah SAPTCO City Bus – Routes, Timings, Prices

Travel and PlacesJeddah SAPTCO City Bus - Routes, Timings, Prices

You’re on your way from work; you’re hungry and tired. You’re eager to get to your home, relax and unwind. But you’ve been behind the wheel for 45 minutes. If you’re anything like us, you hate standing through traffic. But more than traffic, you hate having to drive through it. Gone are the days when you must fuel up your car, check your license, inspect your car, and be mentally active while driving. Jeddah SAPTCO city bus provides the perfect solution for all your traveling needs.

All you need is a SAPTCO smart card, readily available on the SAPTCO website or from an authorized retailer. Charge it up and pay only 3SAR per trip. 

These buses are fully equipped with Wifi, so you can quickly go through your emails or capture the best Jeddah moments. You could even load up your favorite E-book. The point is that traveling through these buses frees up your time, money, and traffic. 

Most of these buses go around every 30-60 minutes. They run from 5:30 AM to 10:30 PM, so you can easily travel throughout the day. Make sure to check the app and plan your trip accordingly.

They run across 6 different routes, each with its stops. Let’s go through each of them now.

Route 7

Bin Laden Mosque – Saudi Airlines Headoffice

Bin Laden Mosque -> Riyadh Bank -> King Saud Mosque -> Ministry of Finance -> Al Quds Station -> Specialized Hospital -> Saudi Airlines Head Office

Saudi Airlines Head Office -> Specialized Hospital -> Al Quds Station -> Ministry of Finance -> King Saud Mosque -> Riyadh Bank -> Bin Laden Mosque

The buses travel 15-30 minutes on weekdays and peak hours. The waiting time on Fridays and off-peak hours goes up to an hour at times too.

Key stops: Riyadh Bank, King Saud Mosque, Ministry of Finance, Al Quds Station, Specialized Hospital.

  • Payment: Ticket is paid through the SAPTCO smart card. The card can be purchased and recharged at the nearest ticket office, authorized retail, or the app.
  • -Accessibility: All stops are aligned with SAPTCO city bus policy with raised stops and ramps ensuring ease of getting on and off the bus, including low floor entrance for disabled people.
  • A single trip costs 3SAR from your smart card.
  • Alternatives: Jeddah has taxi and ride-sharing services like Careem and Uber. You can also take the metro to travel to the same destinations.

Route 8

Bin Laden Mosque- Vegetable Market

Bin Laden Mosque -> Enjaz Bank -> Directorate of Water Services -> AL mehmil Hotel -> Ahwal Madani -> Al Taj Real Estate -> Vegetable Market

Vegetable Market-> Al Taj Real Estate ->Ahwal Madani -> Al Mehmil Hotel ->Directorate of Water Services -> Enjaz Bank ->Bin Laden Mosque

Frequency: every 30-60 minutes, 5:30 AM to 10:30 PM

Offers convenient access and stops to hospitals and government buildings

Route 9

Bin Laden Mosque – Fahas MVPI

Bin laden Mosque- Abdullah Commercial Centre- Directorate of Water Services -=Al Rehab Centre – Al abeer Health centre – Al Azhar Hotel – Fahas MVPI(Marwah)

Fahas MVPI(Marwah) – Al Azhar Hotel – Al Abeer Health Centre – AL Rehab Centre- Directorate of Water Services – Abdullah Commercial Centre – Bin Laden Mosque

Some of the stops along these routes, such as Abdullah Commercial Centre, a major shopping and business district, are super useful. If anyone wants to visit malls or markets, route 9 might be super helpful.

Route 9B

Bin Laden Mosque – Tahlia Street

Bin Laden Mosque – Abdullah Commercial Centre – Directorate of Water Services – Al Rehab Centre – Abeer Health Centre – Al Azhar Hotel – Periodic Inspection – Al Esayi Spare Parts Showroom – Makarona Street Side-walk – Jeddah National Hospital – Civil Defense Head Center – Al Haram Station – (Several smaller, unnamed stops within Tahlia Street)

Tahlia Street – Al Haram Station – Civil Defense Head Center – Jeddah National Hospital – Makarona Street Side-walk – Al Esayi Spare Parts Showroom – Periodic Inspection – Al Azhar Hotel – Abeer Health Centre – Al Rehab Centre – Directorate of Water Services – Abdullah Commercial Centre – Bin Laden Mosque

Route 9 and 9B have the same starting point, and half of the route is similar. You can take either of the buses until those points. Route 9B goes further than its counterpart and covers more of the Southern part of the city.

The route is roughly 15 km long, and the bus covers it in 45-60 minutes, depending on the hour of the day and traffic. You can also track when the next bus will arrive using the SAPTCO app.

Route 10

Bin Laden Mosque – Al Khaleejiah Company

Route 10 shares its stops with Route 9B from Bin Laden Mosque till Periodic Inspection. After this, Route 10 diverges to its final halt at Al Khaleejiah Company. 

Since the route for this bus is similar to other buses, it travels less frequently. It uses the same SAPTCO intelligent card system as any different route. The charges for this bus are identical, which is 3SAR. You can track when the next Route 10 bus comes more easily with the SAPTCO app.

Route 11

King Abdul Aziz Airport- King Abdullah Sports City

This route covers the northern part of the city, taking you directly from the airport to the bustling part.

  • Albalad (Old Town) – Explore historical sites and immerse yourself in Jeddah’s vibrant culture.
  • Balat District – Discover this charming neighborhood’s art galleries, cafes, and traditional architecture.
  • Tahlia Street – Shop at high-end boutiques and popular brands in this commercial hub.
  • Hera Street – Find a variety of shops, restaurants, and government offices along this bustling thoroughfare.
  • Prince Sultan University – Connect with the academic pulse of the city.
  • King’s Road – Navigate a significant artery connecting various Jeddah districts.

Route 11 covers a unique part of the city, its trendy modern markets, and its traverse historic areas.


Many buses also go along central cafes, shopping markets, and important government offices, so they improve connectivity to the city and help you stay charged and get your chores done. 

If you’re ever unsure of the route, timings, or location, you can always ask the driver who can guide you. Many people also love the chance to chitchat with the locals around them and make friends with their daily commute buddies.